If an agent switches tabs in the middle of a "create record" UI Action execution for Conversation A then the new record will be visible in the view of Conversation B.

The new record will have details for User A, but the comments/worknotes from Conversation B will be copied into it when it is saved. 

Steps to Reproduce

1. Add a gs.sleep(10000) to the beginning of the "Create Incident" Connect Action
2. Create a case for User A
3. Create a case for User B
4. As an agent accept both cases.
5. Execute the "Create Incident" Connect Action for Conversation A, and immediately switch to Conversation B
6. Wait for the "Create Incident" action to complete
7. Notice that the incident for User A is now visible next to Conversation B.
8. Save the incident.
9. Notice that the discussion from Conversation B is added to the incident created for User A.


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Related Problem: PRB1241743

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