Guide Tour issue not running the tour  if you have openframe plugin installed.

Steps to Reproduce

If you have the openframe plugin installed there is a persistent iframe that is globally accessible pointing to whatever URL you provide in the openframe configuration file.
Guided Tours designer see this and throws this error.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Install the openframe plugin
2. Go to System Properties > Openframe and create a new config record.
3. Fill out the required fields and add some valid URL to the URL field but ideally this would be the URL needed for your CTI.
4. Open the guided tour designer
5. Select create tours
6. Add any name and table is incident
7. drag the "C" call out over to number and fill something in the callout
8. Hit save
Observation: Noting happens (or it is not showing over on the right under steps) but if you go to guided tours you can see it did save the step.
If you play the guided tours the steps still does not show on right and you only get a blank screen.


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Related Problem: PRB1291491

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Kingston Patch 8
London Patch 1

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