When you install the "Incident Management - Major Incident Management" plugin, the major incident workbench as Summary and Communication Tabs.

Under the Communications tab, when you click on Technical Resolution, the information Tab includes different Incident Alert task types. Out of box, the "Compose Email" button is available on Send Initial Notification, Send Technical Updates, and resolution notification task types. 

This article will describe how the "Compose Email" button can be added to other Incident Alert task types. We will use "Initial Technical conference call" as an example.


  1. Navigate to the Dictionary record where table is "Incident Alert Task [incident_alert_task] and Column name is "Type"
  2. Go down to the choices and find the "VALUE" for choice that you want to add the "Compose email" button to.
    • In this example, the value for "Initial Conference call" is initiate_conference
  3. Navigate to System Properties.
  4. Find "sn_major_inc_mgmt.com.snc.incident.mim.compose_email_on_iatasks
    • Notice that it only has 3 out of box values: initial,update,resolution 
  5. Add a comma and VALUE that you got in step #2.
  6. Save and re-test.


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