Deleting or editing a comment or work note is potentially harmful as it degrades the integrity of the historical data. This should not be taken lightly, however, mistakes are made and there needs to be a way to delete accidental customer facing data if it shouldn't be customer facing.


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To edit a comment:

1) Find the sys_id of the incident. Do this by right-clicking and "Copy URL". The sys_id is the 32 characters immediately following "sys_id="
2) Go to the sys_journal_field table. You can get there using the URL (make it specific to your instance instead of /demo):
3) Filter where element_id = (the sys_id of your incident).
4) That should give you all journal comments/work notes for that incident. Edit the bad one.


To completely delete a comment:

  1. Get the sys_id of the incident
    2. Get the audit_sysid of the exact entry you want to delete by going to History and click through the specific entry
    3. Delete 3 entries using the following url's:
        a. Use sys_id:
        b. Use sys_id:
        c. Use audit_sysid:



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