Planning Console should load as expected for all projects created.




Corrupt (live_profile) record for the user assigned to Project/Project task


If a Project record will not load properly on the Planning Console and in turn, displays the blank screen this could be caused due to a corrupt (live_proifle) record associated to users assigned to the project task/project.
To resolve the issue, determine which Project Task is causing the issue and narrow down the affected task.  Upon doing so, create a new (live_profile) record for the affected user by following the steps provided below:
1. Proceed to (live_profile.list) via filter navigator.
2. Search for the affected user's name under the "Name" column 
3. Delete the record for the affected user.
4. Proceed back to the (live_profile.list) table.
5. Click the "New" action at the top of the list.
6. Populate "Name" of the affected user and Document field 
Note: For Document field, you will need to query the (sys_user) table and then search for the user via "Document" field.
7. Save record.
Upon creating a new (live_profile) record, the planning console will now load as intended.

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Last Updated:2019-05-21 11:44:28