When exporting a list to PDF, if one of the columns is a URL, and if the column is wrapped down to more than one line, the actual link gets cut off and invalid.

For example, if the URL value in a column is "", but only the "https://thisinstance.serv" portion of the URL is in the top line, only that portion is "clickable", and subsequently the link clicked is not the whole URL value.

The link address seems to get generated splitting the URL value into multiple <tr> tags to wrap the text in the report column, but it only encapsulates the text in the first <tr> with the anchor tag, and sets the anchor tag href attribute to the text in the first table row. So if you only have a couple columns in the list, it allows the entire URL value to fit on one line (one table row) in the PDF, and then the link works as expected, but if you have multiple columns in the list, the URL column width gets reduced, and the URL link is broken into multiple lines.


Steps to Reproduce

1) Set the columns in a list view to include a URL field with a medium length value (35+ characters). 
2) Add enough columns to force the URL field to wrap the text down to more than one line.
3) Export to PDF using portrait to reduce the column width as much as possible. 
4) Open the PDF file generated. Notice you can only click on the top part of the URLs, and these do not link to the full URL address. 


This problem is fixed in the London release, no workaround or back-porting patches are available for the current versions.


Related Problem: PRB610473

Seen In

Eureka Patch 4 Hot Fix 1
Geneva Patch 5

Fixed In


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