When fields are checked/unchecked in the activity formatter filters upon a refresh of the record the selection previously selected is not properly reflected. The data is still filtered correctly, however.



In the above screenshot example only "Urgency" is selected and even though the data is filtered correctly on the activity formatter that selection is not displaying it correctly (it displays Additional comments, Assigned to, etc. as selected).

Steps to Reproduce

1) Open an existing record (i.e. incident record)

2) Click on the Activity formatter filters

3) Uncheck 'All' and then select only one field (i.e. Urgency)

--Observe that data is filtered correctly at this point and the selection on the filter is showing correct as well

4) Refresh the same record and observe now that even though the data is still filtered correctly (it's only showing Urgency data) the other fields are showing as selected even though they were not previously selected.


There is no workaround for this issue. The problem has been fixed in London release.

Related Problem: PRB1273226

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