Using the OOB Approval Summarizer for a custom table does not allow a user to "Show email details" in the Activity stream

Steps to Reproduce

1. Navigate to System Definitions > Tables > sysapproval_approver
2. Add the attribute 'email_client=true' and save
3. Create a new table called Work Order(u_work_order) and make sure it extends the Task table
4. Go to
5. Configure form layout and add the fields "Number" and "Approval"
6. Configure related lists and add the list "Approvers"
7. Submit the new Work Order
8. Go to the work order record and change the approval field to "Requested"
9. In the "Approvers" related list add "admin" as an approver
10. Click into the admin's approval record
11. Click in the "More options (...)" menu in the form header
12. Create and send an email
13. Navigate to sys_email and order the emails z to a by "Created"
14. Click into the email record you just created
15. Change the email type to "sent" and save
16. Go back to the 'sysapproval_approver' record
17. Click "Show email details" for the email in the activity feed

Expected: window expands to show email details
Actual: Nothing happens, no errors in console either

If you then configure form layout and remove the "Approval summarizer" formatter then the "Show email details" works.


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