When there is a <space> in Form Section's name, a respective reference can't be created as a Guided Tour Element.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Add a custom tab called "Guided Tour section" to Incident form (name must include a <space>)
  2. Create a tour for Incident form
  3. Add a step on the newly created custom tab 
  4. We cannot get a call out to work on a custom tab called "Guided Tour section" on an incident form.

Actual behavior: Call out seems to be created for another tab. Can't get it to work for the custom tab.

Expected behavior: Call out can be created for the custom tab successfully.


Workaround 1;
  • Modify the Form Section's name to exclude any <space> character. 
Workaround 2;
  • Create the reference of the element manually
    1. Go to Embedded Help > Guided Tour Designer > Guided Tours, find and display the related sys_embedded_tour_guide record
    2. Scroll down to Guided Tour Steps related list, find and display the problematic sys_embedded_tour_step record
    3. Under Tour Step section, click to the magnifying glass of Target Reference field. If the reference was created previously, select it. Otherwise, follow the steps
    4. Click New to create a new sys_embedded_tour_element record
      Name: <name> i.e. incident.tabs2Sections.newTab
      Type: Form
      Table: <table> i.e. incident
      Form Element: Form Section
      Form Section: <SelectTheProperSection>
      Click Save/Submit
    5. Save the tour step

Related Problem: PRB1297874

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Fixed In

Kingston Patch 10
London Patch 2

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