Jakarta Patch 9b


The "Lookup from table" values are different between Path 1 and the other Paths (2, 3, 4, 5) for both "Manufacturer" and "Buyer". 


In the user's "Who is the Manufacturer?" and "Who is the Buyer?" variables for Path 1, the "Lookup from table" value is "u_abc_templates" (with the corresponding "Lookup value field", "Manufacturer" or "Buyer" respectively).

For an example, compare:

* Path 1: "Who is the Manufacturer?" 
* Path 2: "Who is the Manufacturer?"

Note how in Path 2, "Who is the Manufacturer?", the "Lookup value field" is set to "Catalog Variable Lookup Information [u_catalog_variable_lookup_information]" and the "Lookup value field" is set to "Selection Value" (this is different from how Path 1 is configured: "Lookup from table" is set to "u_abc_templates", and the "Lookup value field" is also different)

This is the issue, and why the secondary, tertiary, etc. usages of the same Client Script are not working.


The Solution, then, would be to configure every Path's "Lookup from table" and "Lookup value field" like Path 1 is configured, as Path 1's configuration is working.

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Last Updated:2019-05-21 11:44:27