Related lists are not list-editable when in focus on form load using List v3. The error below gets thrown on the browser's console:

Cannot read property 'isFilterEnabled' of undefined

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Open any change_request record that has at least one approval record in the Approvers related list. The OOB demo record CHG0000089 can be used as an example.
  2. Make sure that List v3 is activated even though the Approvers related list is not using it.
  3. Make sure that the Approvers related list is the focus, for example being the one selected before and after the form loads.
  4. Try to list-edit any columns within the related list. Observe nothing happens.
  5. Click on the filter or click on a different related list.
  6. Switch back to the previous related list. Observe now the columns are list-editable.


Turn off List v3 for related lists setting the system property "glide.ui.list_v3.related_list" [] to "off".

List v3 will not be developed any further and will be replaced by a more performant and feature complete solution, that has been introduced in limited form with the Agent Workspace in London. We advise using List v2 in the meanwhile. During this time, SN will only address critical outages and security related defects with List v3.


Related Problem: PRB1179641

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