This article details the difference between the "" and "glide.history.max_entries" properties as one property is often confused with the other.

Difference between "" and "glide.history.max_entries" properties


Description: Maximum number of entries the system shows in the activity formatter. The default is 250.

This property is used to limit how many entries appear in the form's activity formatter.

Description: Maximum number of entries allowed to display in an activity stream. The default number is 250. New entries do not count towards the max number until the form is refreshed.

This property controls the limit of the entries shown for Activity Stream as seen on a list.


For glide.history.max_entries:

1) Open an incident record and update it so that there would be around 5 entries in the activity formatter.

2) Now update the glide.history.max_entries property to value of 2.

3) Navigate back to the incident record and see that it only shows 2 entries now in the activity formatter.



1) Navigate to the incident list and click on the Activity Stream icon and make note of how many entries currently appear there.

2) Update the property to value of 2.

3) Repeat step 1 and see that it only shows 2 entries in the Activity stream now.

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