In Kingston's new "SC Order Guide" widget, the "Order Confirmation" ignores what information you input in the "Delivery Information" field. It populates the request with the value of "Location" field of that user's sys_user record.

Therefore, If a user doesn't have Location field populated in the "sys_user" record, the Delivery Address field in the Request record displays blank even if a user specifies Delivery information.

Similarly, if a user does have a Location field populated, the Delivery Address field on Request record displays that information instead of the new address specified in Delivery Information of order confirmation screen.

Steps to Reproduce


This is reproducible in Kingston's new "SC Order Guide" widget.

1) Navigate to Service Portal.
2) Navigate to "New Hire" Order Guide.
3) Fill out all necessary fields and click Next
4) Then Click "Order Now"
5) You will get a "Order Confirmation" pop-up.
6) Expand the Delivery Information
7) Enter any delivery address and click "Checkout".
8) Navigate to the Request that it creates.
9) Configure > Form Layout > Add "Delivery Address" field to the form.
Notice that the field is either BLANK or INCORRECT address.

Expected Behavior:
The Delivery Address on the Request should reflect the address entered in the Delivery information field of Service Portal.

Actual Behavior:
The Delivery Address is either blank or incorrect on the Request record.

NOTE: This is only happening on requests created from ORDER GUIDES, and not through Catalog item request.


  1. Hop on to the instance and edit the Catalog Checkout(sc-checkout) widget(1efb954a7f900300688e91679ffa91f8) 
    2. Under Server Script change the following 
    Line: 44-46 


    3. Save the record 
    4. Then go to sys_update_xml and remove the update entry

Related Problem: PRB1291725

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