Alert popup messages appear multiple times for onChange client scripts.

Steps to Reproduce

 1) Login to Helsinki instance
2) Find any catalog item such as "Request Developer Project Equipment"
3) Add a variable of type Checkbox:
--- Name: test_client
--- Question: Testing Client Script
--- Save / Update
4) In the Catalog client scripts tab, click New:
--- UI Type: both
--- type: onChange
--- variable name: test_client
--- Script:
function onChange(control, oldValue, newValue, isLoading) {

   if (isLoading || newValue == '') {




   //Type appropriate comment here, and begin script below


5) Navigate to Service Portal > Request Developer Project Equipment > check the "Testing the Client Script" checkbox. 
6) You will get an alert "test". Press OK and you will keep getting the alert message every time you press OK. 
Actual Behavior:
The alert message keeps popping up every time you click OK
Expected Behavior:
The alert message only pops up once.



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Related Problem: PRB748945

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Helsinki Patch 8

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