After upgrading to Kingston, thousands of these messages are being reported to the system logs:

Error while creating cipher to decrypt value 
Attempt to get cipher for encryption context 'sys_id' without authorization


Kingston and higher.


The Development Team looked into the errors and responded:

It appears that some of the processes or pages are trying to access encrypted values from user or system sessions that don't have the correct context to read those values, and without performing a canRead check. 
This error message is saying: We are in a situation where we are being asked to decrypt values that the current session should not see so we are not decrypting.


If there is no impact on user experience, and all is working as expected, there is not much to worry about. Those logs are letting you know that the flows are secure despite some flows trying to read encrypted values incorrectly. 

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Last Updated:2019-05-21 11:44:12