If you want to know the terms that have been indexed for a particular record such as an incident for text searches you can use the procedure.


  1. Get the sys ID of the parent record you are interested in such as an incident record
  2. Go System Definition -> Scripts - Background
  3. Enter the following script into the "Run script" field but be sure to replace the table and sysID values with the table and sys ID of the record you are interested in:

    var table = "incident";
    var sysID = "9e42a5d6db13d7405e9d90b6db961999";
    new GlideTSUtil().dumpDocument(table, sysID);

  4. Click the "Run script" button
  5. You will see the list of terms that are associated to the text indexes for this particular record


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You can read more about the text indexing engine here.

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