When running Cloud Discovery for Microsoft Azure, below entries might show up in Discovery log:
> [location] Discovery Error
> [location] Discovery Processing with error
> [location] -- ITapp Azure Compute Manager.List available hardwares -- Error Level for these entries is Information.
In Cloud API Trail, below might show in error details:
java.lang.RuntimeException: Failed to execute API - Failed with status code and message: 400: {"error":{"code":"NoRegisteredProviderFound","message":"No registered resource provider found for location 'xxx' and API version '2016-03-30' for type 'locations/vmSizes'. The supported api-versions are '2015-05-01-preview, 2015-06-15, 2016-03-30, 2016-04-30-preview, 2016-08-30, 2017-03-30, 2017-12-01, 2018-04-01, 2018-06-01'. The supported locations are 'xxx'....


This is a limitation by Microsoft Azure which is not allowing us to discover Australia Central, Australia Central 2 & France South Azure regions to ensure data residency, sovereignty, compliance. 
Please review the following related documentation from Microsoft Azure : 
Australia Central and Australia Central 2 are dedicated to Australian and New Zealand government organizations and partners. 
France South: Reserved for France Central customers requiring in-country disaster recovery. 
* This behavior is seen in ServiceNow Jakarta & higher releases. 


You may follow the next procedure to exclude these Azure regions from Cloud Resource Discovery
> If Cloud Management v2 plugin '' is NOT activated :  
1. Disable the existing Cloud discovery schedules for Azure Service Account.
2. Open Azure Service Account from Cloud Management > Cloud Infrastructure > Service Account
3. From Logical Datacenter list, Select the regions required to be excluded and Delete them
4. Create new discovery job for the Service Account.
> If Cloud Management v2 plugin '' is activated
1. Disable the existing Cloud discovery schedules for Azure Service Account.
2. Access Azure Cloud Account/s, Navigate to Cloud Admin Portal > Manage >  Cloud Accounts
3. If Azure Cloud Account is 'Published', Change its state to 'Draft'
4. Delete the affected Azure Regions as illustrated below :  
5. Publish the Cloud Account. 
6. From Discovery Jobs, Create a new Cloud Resource Discovery Schedule for the Cloud Account. 

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