The setting for the default system locale system property (glide.system.locale) is used by the instance to determine several configurations for the instance, including the default currency to be used on the instance.  The setting for this value is based on language value using the ISO 630 Standard language code combined with a currency value from the ISO 3166 Standard language code.  These two values are thus combined, very similar to that used by the Java standards to identify a specific locale code in ServiceNow for this instance.


By default the system level locale system property is empty for a new install or after a zBoot.  Thus, it is advisable to set this system level property as needed for the locale to be used for the instance.

Note that the locale value should not be changed if currently set to a value other than blank and there have been any currency values added to the system as this can cause errors in those values as they will not automatically be converted in value based on the currency exchange rates amongst these locales.

The following chart shows some of the most common locale settings which might be used to set the specific locale for an instance.

Locale CodeLanguage  Corresponding Country Code
 en.AU EnglishAustralia
 en.CA EnglishCanada
 en.NZEnglishNew Zealand
 no.NONorwegian (Bokmål)Norway
 ar.SAArabicSaudi Arabia
en.ZAEnglishSouth Africa
 en.GBEnglishEngland (United Kingdom)
 en.USEnglishUnited States




To set the system locale on an instance, use the following steps:

Log into the instance with an account having admin rights to the instance.

Locate the system property on the instance with the name glide.system.locale. 

Open that system property record for editing.

If the Value field is blank or has the incorrect value for your location, reference the appropriate value from the Locale Code column of the table above corresponding to your area and language and type that exact text into the Value field.

Click the Update button on the System Property record.

Log out and back into the instance.


Note that individual users may also have a locale value associated to his or her account.  The locale associated with a user is based on a combination of the values currently set in the Language field and the Country field for that user.  Thus, users may not necessarily see currency values and other information displayed in the same format (or amounts) as will other users.

Additional Information

The full list of locale settings which can be used by the system can be found at the following URL:

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