UI Policy that makes a Label variable mandatory if none of the following CheckBoxes in a group are selected does not work. These cases are for when an admin wants to make it mandatory for a user to select one checkbox in a group of checkboxes. This is done by making the preceding Label variable mandatory if none of the checkboxes are selected, via a UI Policy. 


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A UI Policy contains a variable in the condition that is no longer active on the form, then the UI Policy Conditions will never be satisfied and the UI Policy will appear to be broken.

Some fields may be removed from a form, but the Condition in the UI Policy that references the removed field can be left behind. If this happens, then the UI Policy condition will never be satisfied because the field does not exist on the form to be evaluated and the UI Policy will not make the Label Variable mandatory.


Compare the variables referenced in the UI Policy conditions with that of those active on the form. If there are some conditions where the variable no longer exists on the form, then remove these conditions and the UI Policy should work (given there are no other issues).


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