A user may notice that records from the scheduled_data_export [Scheduled Data Export] table are being added to update sets despite that user not having made any changes to the Scheduled Data Export record.


The procedure to prevent this field update from being included in the current update set involves adding a special property on the specific field that is being auto-updated by the system and which is then subsequently being added to the Current update set.  This can cause issues as it may not be beneficial to add the Scheduled Data Export object to the current update set which will subsequently be packaged with the update set and imported to another ServiceNow instance, possibly unbeknownst to a user.

The following steps can apply this work-around to your instance which are indicated to resolve this issue: 

1. Log into the instance with an account having admin rights to the instance. 
2. On the instance, browse to the following location using the Menu Navigator: System Definition -> Dictionary
3. Filter the list of [Dictionary] sys_dictionary records that appears to locate the record with the table = "scheduled_data_export" and Field name = "last_export_run"
4.. Open the record that returns as a result of this search for editing. 
5. Click the Advanced View Related Link to view the extended fields and properties for this record. 
6. Locate the Attributes text field for the record. 
7. We next want to add the update_exempt dictionary attribute to this record. If the record currently has other dictionary attributes specified, add the following text to the end of the text currently found in the field: 


Attributes field

However, if the Attributes field is currently blank, simply add the following text in this field: 


Attributes field including the update_exempt attribute 

8. Click the Update button. 

After performing these steps on the instance, the scheduled_data_export records should no longer appear in your update sets for the automatic updates to the last_export_run field which is updated each time the Data Export is performed on the instance.


Note: This same attribute can be added to any field in any table to prevent changes to that field from being tracked and added to an update set.

Note: The recorded values for fields excluded in this way are not retained when you revert customizations to a default product version.

As an example, suppose you were to activate a UI Macro and modify the value of the XML script. Later, an upgrade is run on the instance which contains a feature for the macro that you would like to implement, so you opt revert your customizations during the upgrade skipped object review. The default version would replace the entire customized version, and you would now need to reactivate this macro. If you were to also change a field that is not set with the update_exempt attribute, the updates would be skipped for the entire record, resulting in the entire customization being preserved during the upgrade.


Additional Information

More general information regarding this procedure as well as other information pertaining to administration of update sets can be found at the following ServiceNow Docs URL:

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