On Vendor Portal, the survey responses are truncated after "&" ampersand sign in String fields.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Install the following plugins:

GRC: Vendor Risk Assessment Designer [com.snc.vdr_risk_asmt_designer]
GRC: Vendor Risk Management [com.sn_vdr_risk_asmt]
Vendor Core [com.snc.vendor_core]
Vendor Management Service Portal [com.snc.vendor_portal]

2. Navigate to Vendor Risk > Assessments > All Open Assessments.

3. On any of the active assessments, change the Vendor, for example, to Adobe Systems.

4. Impersonate user "Adobe User - A".

5. Navigate to https://<instance-name>

6. Click on Quality Assessment Risk assessment of vendor Adobe Systems.

7. Click on Sample under Request.

8. Go to Section B.

9. In one of the String fields (String - Single Line OR String - Single Line Wide), type "Test & Test".

10. Click Save at top of the form.

11. Refresh the page.

12. Navigate to section B again and check the field.
Note that the text is truncated to just "Test".

13. In one of the the fields, type "Test @#$^*() Test"
Repeat steps 10-12.
Note that the text remains as it is with the other special characters "Test @#$^*() Test".

Expected behavior:
In string fields of Vendor Portal assessment, the text should not be truncated if "&" is used in the response.

Actual behavior:
In string fields of Vendor Portal assessment, the text is truncated if "&" is used in the response.


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Related Problem: PRB1293531

Seen In

Kingston Patch 8
London Patch 1 Hot Fix 2

Fixed In


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