Sometimes it is required to find out which ACL are attached with a particular role , while enabling the debug could be an option it could also be found out using the sys_security_acl_role table , which ACLs have which role associated with them in an altogether different table. This could be fairly useful in reporting.


sys_security_acl_role table can help identify the ACLs which have a particular role associated with them.


If it is required to find out how many ACLs have the ITIL role associated with them searching on the table sys_security_acl_role in the role column for ITIL will return the required answer.

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Reporting can be done based on table sys_security_acl_role and it has to be noted that this will not give the data of ACLs which has blank role on the table.


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Last Updated:2018-08-16 01:15:46