With the flattening of the 'cmdb' table, it can be difficult to determine if an index exists on a column, in any of the child tables of 'cmdb'. This is because the index uses the columns alias name.
We can see this by navigating to the following: Tables & Columns --> select the table being checked for an existing index.

This article is aimed at clarifying how to determine if an index exists on the column in question.


In order to work this out, we need to look at the 'sys_storage_alias' table. Filter on the Element name column, for the column we are interested in seeing if an index exists on.
Continuing with the above example, checking the column 'Type', then filtering further for the table we are interested in - cmdb_ci_web_server
We can see that the alias for that column is 'a_str_15'.
If we check back on the index listing, we can see that the index exists already:


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