The issue can be reproduced with cmdb_ci-extended tables, it doesn't occur on task-extended tables.
The inherited fields aren't visible in list layout and in reporting interface.

Steps to Reproduce

glide.ui.list.allow_extended_fields = true

(go to step 4, to replicate with Out of the Box records)
1. System Definition > Tables. Click New;
name: cmdb extended table 1
extends table: <any cmdb_ci-extended table> i.e. Software
Click Submit.
2. System Definition > Tables. Click New;
name: cmdb extended table 2
extends table: <any cmdb_ci-extended table> i.e. Hardware
Click Submit.
3. System Definition > Dictionary. Click New
table: cmdb extended table 1
type: Reference
label: cmdb test field
reference: cmdb extended table 2
Click Submit.
4. Go to cmdb_rel_ci.list (or any list where there is a field referenced from cmdb_ci)
5. Configure > List Layout
6. Click once on Child [+] and Click (Expand selected reference field) icon
'Child' is a reference field of cmdb_ci table
7. Under .Child-->Configuration Item fields, click 'cmdb test field [cmdb extended table 1] [+]' and click Expand.
(OOB equivalent field is 'Database Server [Database] [+]')

Actual behavior:
None of the inherited fields can be seen in Available slushbucket under '..cmdb test field [cmdb extended table 1]--> fields' (or under '..Database Server [Database]--> fields')
Expected behavior:
Inherited fields are visible and selectable in Available slushbucket


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Related Problem: PRB1298481

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