How to set Global Default User Preferences. The following steps will help you to identify the user preference you want to set, and then set the user preference to be global for all users by default. Users will still be able to adjust the preferences to whatever they like, but when their user record is first created, these settings will be the default.


1. Change the user preference that you would like to set global for all users. Example: If you want forms to be tabbed for all users, navigate to the cog wheel in the nav frame header, and set the preference to "Tabbed forms".

2. Navigate to 'sys_user_preference.list'

3. Add to the query where "User is <your current username>"

4. Add the "updated" field to the list if it is missing

5. Sort by "updated" from "z to a"

6. The first record should be the name of the preference which you just updated. Copy this name.

7. Redo the search with the following parameters:

      -  Name = <the user preference you just copied>

      -  User = empty

There should only be one record that matches this query. This record should have the "System = true" checked which will ensure this preference is the default user preference for all new users. You can edit this record to meet your business requirements.


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