General information on Recent Selections (sys_ui_recent_selection) table and its usage


  • Reference fields store a list of each user's recent selections to allow users to quickly select past values when filling in a reference field.
  • By default, the system stores up to 15 selections from a reference field for each user in the Recent Selection [sys_ui_recent_selection] table. Users can see the recent selections list by selecting an empty reference field.
Note: The system does not store recent selections for service catalog reference variables.
  • sys_ui_recent_selection stores the recent selections by a particular user on the particular table for a particular field.
  • The use count simply stores the number of times that particular field value was used and it does not affect the order of the recent selection choices you see on the reference lookup.
  • The order on the reference lookup is always displayed alphabetically irrespective of the order in which it is used or the number of times it is used.

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