- Support for DKIM was added to the domain in late 2017.

- With DKIM enabled, the ServiceNow ( email servers sign outgoing messages.

- Receiving mail servers can then use a public key, published on the DNS record, to verify the signatures on any emails sent out from the ServiceNow ( email servers.

- Note that DKIM signing will only work for emails where the From address is <something> It's not possible for customers to add DKIM DNS records to the domain for their own domains.

- Some companies request DKIM keys so that they can send emails with from addresses such as while using ServiceNow SMTP server. ServiceNow currently does not provide DKIM keys for customer domains. You may check with Systems Engineering to see if there is any change in this policy.


DKIM DNS Records

Retrieving the public key from a website:

There are many websites that let you check DNS-related records such as SPF or DKIM for a domain. To check the DKIM record, you'll need these details:


DKIM Selector: servicenow-20170913115315

Example DNS check website:

  • Retrieving the public key at the command line:

    To retrieve the DKIM public key, you can run the following command from a UNIX/MacOS computer:

    dig TXT +short

    The output will be the public key as of August 2018. (Note that this key is not expected to change, although ServiceNow reserves the right to change it if required):

    "v=DKIM1\;" "k=rsa\;p=MIGfMA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBAQUAA4GNADCBiQKBgQDUxxcc9FGibKY8QxoD/ljxlDmmRgxPr2ElXFPMi92E+QsrpwhqnfGSM5MWc2KdZoJadPQJ5jP8J3UpNQ+sZGFt8IeWVmOQfFV8spFFXKMaH3V0rGhcCtL/DaOGfq1PWd6HbvWAjuyTUx9DjCQusFdrw9NgRRqb28F9uCcNF+OugQIDAQAB"



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