Known Affected Version: Jakarta Patch 8
Issue Description:

When overriding a workflow from a parent domain, as per our documentation:

The child workflow is not triggered correctly.

Error thrown:
Expected workflow version:e68c341f134e5300a9a63d7ed144b039: no thrown error

Steps to Reproduce

Pre-req: Domain Support Extensions Installer plugin must be installed

1. Create new workflow in TOP domain for table sc_req_item
2. Add an activity such as Set Value that sets the short description to any value desired then publish the workflow.
3. Create a new catalog item
4. Attach the workflow created to this new catalog item
5. Hit 'Try it' on the catalog item form and create a new request (The new request item should have the short description value set from the workflow.
6. Now change your domain to ACME.
7. Checkout the workflow created in step 1.
8. Make a change to the workflow action and change the short description value to something else.
9. Repeat step 5. (You should see that the short description value expected is not set)

Expected behavior - The overriden workflow should take over if the user is in the same domain as the overriden workflow as per our documentation.

Actual - The workflow on the lower domain is ignored and an error is thrown in the logs.


Domain overrides are not supported within service catalog. Domain overrides are name based, but the link between a service catalog item and a workflow is by sys_id (and linked to a particular domain).

If we need to associate workflows by domain within service catalog items, there would need to be a separate catalog item associated to each workflow that is set to the needed domain.


Related Problem: PRB1281016

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