After a failed plugin activation, changes pushed to the stack are never cleared. These commits remain in the stack for that thread. If an update set commit happens later on the same thread, and pushes table alters or changes to the stack, they will never be applied.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Activate the com.snc.cti plugin (make sure com.snc.notify is NOT activated)
  2. Commit an update set that adds columns to the Task table
  3. Observe the new columns on Task are corrupt, because the alter never takes place


It's possible to eventually clear the stack by backing out the update set and committing it again until the alter is successful. Usually there are only a couple of commits left in the stack, so only a couple of attempts should be necessary. If this does not work, open an incident with ServiceNow. If we determine that this PRB is responsible, we may schedule a restart of your instance in order to power-cycle the environment and clear the commit stacks for all threads.

Related Problem: PRB1297952

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