Discovery of Hyper-V running on Windows 2016 is supported for patterns only in new instances on Kingston or later. If you upgraded from Jakarta or earlier and want to continue using probes and sensors for Discovery, you must add the necessary Hyper-V probes to the list of probes that the Windows 2016 classifier triggers, and then configure them with the appropriate condition scripts.


  1. Navigate to Discovery Definition > CI Classification > Windows

  2. Open the Windows 2016 Server classification record.

  3. In the Table field, make sure that the value is set to Windows Server.

  4. Save the record if necessary.

  5. Select the Triggers probes related list.

  6. Click Edit.

  7. Add these probes to the list of probes to trigger and give them the attached condition scripts:

    • Hyper-V - Cluster: values.get('isNode')=='true' && values.get('isHyperV')=='true'

    • Hyper-V - Resource Pools: values.get('isHyperV')=='true'

    • Hyper-V - Virtual Machines: values.get('isHyperV')=='true'

    • Hyper-V - Virtual Networks: values.get('isHyperV')=='true'


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Last Updated:2020-05-19 01:36:23