When attributes are added to a dictionary field which exceeds 255 characters, they are truncated. This leads to different types of issues. The most common symptoms are:

  • The form may appear broken in the sense the context menu/right-click does not work as expected.
  • The impacted field may not work. For example, a reference field's look-up not responding.
  • Both items above after interacting with the impacted field.

In most cases, the truncated attribute will be causing an error on the browser client. 

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Access a pre-Jakarta instance (Istanbul was impacted)
  2. Navigate to the [sys_dictionary] record of a common reference field (ex: incident.caller_id)
  3. Click 'Advanced' view to see the 'attributes' field on the form.
  4. Continue adding attributes/values until the character count exceeds 255 (See link below for available dictionary attributes in Istanbul)
  5. Navigate to an open incident.
  6. Try using the reference look-up 
Expected behavior:
Popup opens with list of users
Actual behavior:
Nothing happens. There is likely an error in the browser developer console similar to:
'ReferenceError: XYZ.. is not defined'
List of Attributes 


The workaround is to remove one or more of the attributes ensuring nothing will be truncated.  Starting in Jakarta, the 'attributes' field by default has increased its max length to 1000 characters, drastically reducing this already-unlikely encounter.

Related Problem: PRB710901

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Helsinki Patch 2

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