When using the MID Server Installer for Jakarta Patch 9, the MID will not appear in the instance when completed. The MID Server wrapper log will display the NullPointerException and stack trace below:

2018/06/22 05:19:22 | Exception in thread "StartupSequencer" java.lang.NullPointerException
2018/06/22 05:19:22 | at com.service_now.monitor.AutoUpgrade.getUpgraderServiceToken(AutoUpgrade.java:304)
2018/06/22 05:19:22 | at com.service_now.monitor.AutoUpgrade.uninstallExpectedUpgraderService(AutoUpgrade.java:299)
2018/06/22 05:19:22 | at com.service_now.monitor.AutoUpgrade.cleanup(AutoUpgrade.java:209)
2018/06/22 05:19:22 | at com.service_now.monitor.AutoUpgrade.needsUpgrade(AutoUpgrade.java:115)
2018/06/22 05:19:22 | at com.service_now.mid.services.StartupSequencer.testsSucceeded(StartupSequencer.java:87)
2018/06/22 05:19:22 | at com.service_now.mid.services.StartupSequencer.access$100(StartupSequencer.java:49)
2018/06/22 05:19:22 | at com.service_now.mid.services.StartupSequencer$Starter.run(StartupSequencer.java:279)



Windows OS that supports Jakarta Patch 9.


The batch file (Installer.bat) for the MID Server Installer causes a null pointer exception that stops the MID server from connecting to the instance. 


The following solutions are available.

Upgrade to Kingston as this issue has been fixed in our Kingston release. If upgrading is not possible, you can manually install the MID server per the instructions below: 

Run steps 1-5, then skip to step 16 in the following document: 
This should allow you to be able to properly start up and connect the MID Servers as expected. 


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