When a notification's Mandatory checkbox is selected and the Force Delivery checkbox is cleared, the recipient logging says a user was included because the Force Delivery checkbox was checked.

Force Delivery and Mandatory fields both result in a user being included in a notification despite a user's preferences trying to exclude. However the logged inclusion message only mentions the force delivery checkbox.

The logged message should mention both the Force Delivery or Mandatory fields are why the user received this notification to remove ambiguity. The only difference between Force Delivery and Mandatory is that Mandatory means the user cannot remove the notification preference. In terms of excluding the recipient from the email, they are the same.


Steps to Reproduce


1. Open and activate an email notification.
2. Switch on the Mandatory checkbox.
3 Switch off the Force Delivery checkbox.
4. Configure a user to exclude the notification, by disabling the user notification field.
5. Fire the notification to this user.

The user will receive the message, but the reason logged for the user's inclusion says it is because of the Force Delivery checkbox.


When a user is included, and the logs indicate it is because the "Force Delivery" checkbox was checked, also check the Mandatory checkbox.  That may need to be unchecked as well.

Related Problem: PRB667475

Seen In

Geneva Patch 4
Geneva Patch 4 Hot Fix 2

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