When the user session gets killed and if user has any record (which should have Activity Formatter) is open on another tab at the same time, / calls are made periodically. That behavior is causing intermittent access to instance.

Steps to Reproduce

[-] Go to one of the Demo instance 
[-] Go to any page which has 'Activity Formatter' (e.g. incident)
[-] Open the Developer Tools with 'Network' tab with 'Preserve log' and search with ''
[-] Open one more Tab and logout from the instance
[-] Go to the another tab and check Developer Tools and observe that calls are still being made
[-] Approx every 2 mins you'll see there because it's looking a new activity in the formatter (additional comments).
[-] Even if you kill the session or re-login on another tab, this calls keep going made.

Expected Behaviour:
When the user session gets killed their transaction should stop.


Please set the system "property glide.ui16.live_forms.enabled" to false.

Or alternatively, close the extra tabs when you login to the instance.



Related Problem: PRB922753

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