"Windows cannot open the folder" error when trying to open the downloaded MID package (compressed folder)

Windows Error





  1. In London release, the MID package is not downloaded directly to the computer when the download button is clicked from MID Server > Downloads. Instead the package is downloaded to ecc_agent_package table on the instance first. 
  2. While this is happening there will not be any message on the screen indicating that the package is currently being downloaded to the instance.
  3. Mistakenly if the download button is pressed multiple times, there will be attempts to download the same file to the instance multiple times and could result in a corrupt file
  4. After the package download on the instance is complete, it automatically downloads on to the computer. After it is downloaded on the computer, when you click on open you see the above error if the file is corrupt.


  1. Go to the ecc_agent_package table on the instance, delete the packages which are corrupt
  2. Download the package again (just click on the button once) and wait until the download completes
  3. Extract the package and continue with MID installation


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Last Updated:2018-08-09 12:08:06