Exporting an image or pdf for Time Series report having multiple dataset produces an incorrect report for child dataset.


Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a time series line report on incident with filter created before any date. eg: created before 8/1/2018.
    2. Add multiple dataset to this report by clicking on the drop down next to Save.
  2. The dataset should have filtered incidents created after date (mentioned in the main dataset) eg: created after 8/1/2018.
  3. Make the type of this dataset as bar for better visibility; use trend by as Created on in both.
    3. Generate the report and click on the dropdown next to Save:

  4. Export and compare the output with the report. Notice in the exported pdf, all the bars from the child dataset move to the extreme left of the graph:


Please review the Fixed In section to determine the latest patch your instance can be upgraded to.

Related Problem: PRB1271506

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There is no data to report.

Fixed In

Kingston Patch 8

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There is no data to report.

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