g_form.getElement returning undefined, starting in the Kingston release

Steps to Reproduce

1. Go to Service Catalog > Maintain Items
2. Click New.
3. Name: TestItem
4. From the header bar, save the record.
5. In the Variables related list, click New.
6. Type: Multiple Choice
Question: test question
Name: question_test
7. From the header bar, save the record.
8. In the Question Choices related list, click New.
Order: 100
Text: Manually enter
Value: Manually
Click Submit.
9. Create another Question Choices record.
Order: 200
Text: Attach a file
Value: Attach
(The Attach value must be title case because it's used in the Catalog Client S
Click Submit.
10. Go to Service Catalog > Catalog Client Scripts
11. Click New.
12. Name: Open Attachment Window
Applies to: A Catalog Item
UI Type: Desktop
Type: onChange
Catalog Item: TestItem
Variable name question_test
Applies on a Catalog Item view (checked)
[code]<pre><code>function onChange(control, oldValue, newValue, isLoading) {<br/>
var attach = g_form.getValue('question_test'); <br/>
if (attach == 'Attach') {<br/>
saveCatAttachment(g_form.getElement('sysparm_item_guid').value, 'sc_cart_item'); <br/>
alert( "g_form: " + g_form.getElement('sysparm_item_guid').value); <br/>

13. Click Submit.
14. Go to Service Catalog > Maintain Items
15. Sort in descending order by Updated.
16. Open the TestItem catalog item you created in Step 3.
17. Click the Try It button.
18. Toggle the Attach a File radiobutton.

Expected behavior: The alert popup should show a value after g_form:
For example:
g_form: a7b11417db1a5b40d570594e5e9619cc
And, after closing the alert, you will be able to successfully attach a file.
This works as expected in Istanbul and Jakarta.

Actual behavior: Starting in Kingston, the alert statement shows g_form: undefined. And, after closing the alert, you won't be able to attach a file.


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