Nmap automatic installation fails and when attempting to install manually using Nmapinstallation.ps1, you observe the following error:

[MID Server file path]\agent\nmap\nmap.exe ready
Verifying Nmap installation
Unable to verify Nmap installed version, waiting 2 seconds...


verify-nmap : Timeout: Unable to verify Nmap installed version


This is caused by the script being unable to execute the following command:
& "[File path to nmap.exe]" --version

  1. Verify that can be accessed by the MID server
    1. If not, either follow manual installation instructions from Docs ( or resolve connectivity issues
  2. When doing the installation, observe that the Nmapinstaller.exe is being unpacked
    1. If not, verify that installer package is not corrupted by trying to manually run
  3. If previous steps are possible, manually install Nmap
    1. If not possible, download a new package. It's likely this one is corrupted.
  4. Attempt to launch & "[File path to nmap.exe]" --version command from Powershell
    1. If this works, attempt manual installation outlined in above Docs again. There may be permissions errors or pieces missing from command execution path.
  5. If step 4 returns null, attempt to run Nmap.exe
    1. If nmap.exe launches, try manual installation again and check permissions/file path/etc

The most common cause is an "MSCVR120.dll is missing" error when attempting to launch nmap.exe.

This can be caused by Antivirus blocking the installation of the package. Alternatively the wrong version of the package may be installed (x64 instead of x84 for older servers).

Applicable Versions

Kingston and higher

Additional Information

May also be caused by PRB1292511, which is caused by an existing installation of npcap on the system.


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