Updating the "To" date in the Rota Roster causes blank dates in the on-call schedule if the rost contains more than five members.

If the rotation's schedule has a specific repeat, such as individual days in a week and the corresponding rosters define an interval of daily, each member's schedule must start on a day where the rotation's schedule is active. The calculation of the schedule for this scenario was not accurate and resulted in gaps.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Add three members to the demo data Application Develoopment group's existing six members for a total of nine members.

  2. Create a new rota:

    Name: 24x7 Mon-Fri
    Group: Application Dev
    When would you like your new schedule to begin: 05-14-18
  3. Click Next and enter these values:

    Would you like to use an existing schedule? : yes
    What type of schedule would you like to use? : 24x7

  4. Click Next and enter these values:

    How many duty rotations are there in your On-Call schedule?: 1
    Which members would you like to be in your schedule?: Select all the members of the group
  5. Click Next, and then click Next again.

  6. Go to the new created Rota and open the Rota Schedule called "24x7 Mon-Fri".

  7. Open the Schedule entry "24x7 Mon-Fri" and change the value for "Repeats" to "Weekly".

  8. On the field called "Repeats on", check Mon-Friday, and uncheck Sat and Sun.

  9. Click Update and then click Update again.

  10. Go back to the newly created Rota (form view) and change the "Coverage interval" to Daily.

  11. Open the Roster and change the "Rotation interval" to Daily.

  12. Open the rota on the calendar view.

    Note that there are many blank spaces on the calendar and three users are on-call for one day (with only one roster).

  13. Remove four members from the roster for a total of five.

  14. Go back to the calendar view.

    Note the calendar is working as expected as this issue occurs only when more than five members are in the roster.



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