Recurring prices within a select box variable in a variable set does not display when the order guide is viewed in Service Portal.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a new catalog item and set Availability to "Desktop and Mobile", and "Recurring price frequency" to Monthly.
    2. Create a new variable set from catalog item in step 1.
    3. Within the variable set from step 2, create a new select box type variable and create 3 choice items.

    Choice item 1:
    Recurring price: 100
    Text: A
    Value: a

    Choice item 2:
    Recurring price: 200
    Text: B
    Value: b

    Choice item 3:
    Recurring price: 300
    Text: C
    Value: c

    4. Create a new order guide from Service Catalog > Order Guides.
    5. Check the option "Cascade Variables".
    6. Under the Rule base related list, click New and in the "Include this item", choose the catalog item created in step 1
    7. In the order guide from step 4, click Try It. then click "Choose Options" to move to the Options page.
    Notice in the select box, recurring prices are shown.
    8. View the same order guide from Service Portal.
    Note that recurring prices do not show from the select box variable.


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