Admin/Maint users are not able to view the Check in, On-site Queue or Survey portals for the Walk-up experience application. When attempting to open the following pages an error is displayed: "Sorry, you are not authorized to access the walk-up pages"

  • /walkup?id=walkup_check_in&location_id=1d4948bb4faf5700c1c1a3928110c7af
  • /walkup?id=walkup_queue_on_site&location_id=1d4948bb4faf5700c1c1a3928110c7af
  • /walkup?id=walkup_survey&location_id=1d4948bb4faf5700c1c1a3928110c7af&type_id=6d658f863b30130037842c2b54efc4f0&sysparm_trigger_table=wu_location_queue&sysparm_trigger_id=1d4948bb4faf5700c1c1a3928110c7af&sysparm_refresh_interval=5&sysparm_kiosk=true




Per the development team this is expected behavior. Only users with the sn_walkup.walkup_login role can access these portal pages. This was done for security purposes as the portal pages are exposed on a device like tablet. It was an engineering decision to restrict the access given to the walkup login users only.


There are two ways to access these portal pages:

  1. Create an ESS user and assign 'sn_walkup.walkup_login' role; impersonate ESS user to access the portal. (NOTE: There is logic in place that will prevent assigning this role if the user already has some other role assigned), or
  2. A new user, 'Walkup User', is included with the Walk-up plugin. Admin/Maint can impersonate this user to access the portal pages.

Additional Information

The sn_walkup.walkup_login role cannot be added to a user who already has a role. 

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Last Updated:2019-08-02 21:08:09