Self-Service > My Approvals menu does not work on mobile app or browser with delegated users.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Navigate to User Administration > Delegates and set up a delegate user for a change approver, for example, set System Administrator as delegate for change approver user Luke Wilson.

  2. Navigate to a change record that is in the New state and change the state to Authorize.

  3. Save the form.

  4. Click the Request for Approval button that appears in the header.

    The system will create approval records for the change record.

  5. Open the same instance in mobile device as System Administrator (set as a delegate in this example). You can also try via $ view.

  6. Navigate to Self-Service > My Approvals.

    Expected behavior: System should display approval record for which approver is current user and also for which current user is set as delegate.

    Actual behavior: Filter contains only the current user in the approval list filter and not the delegated user. It eventually displays a "No records found" message.



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