Catalog Item count in SC Category Page is not accurate when user criteria is used

PRB1261865 has apparently not fixed this issue. 

Steps to Reproduce


[video recording attached]

1 - add few catalog items under a category (about 10 or 12)
2 - in one of them add a user criteria for it to be shown only to admin users
3 - Set the "Number of items per page" option in Widget "SC Category Page" to a little number like 2 or three. This is because, the issue can't be seen in case the items load all at once, or in case one single click on "Show More" is enough to show all items
4 - impersonate non-admin user
5 - navigate to the category (/sc_category page)
6 - verify the initial count of items will display all regardless of user criteria applied
7 - after you click on "show more" a couple of times, the count will update to the correct one


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Related Problem: PRB1289581

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London Patch 4 Hot Fix 2

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