Delegated user are unable to see approve/reject button on approval info widget

Steps to Reproduce

On OOB Jakarta instance
1. Create some approvals for user "Admin"
- As an Admin Go to service catalog > Services > New Email Account
- Enter an email address and click "order now"
- Go to the request just created, scroll down to "Approvers" related list
- Click "Edit" and add "System Administrator"
2. Open the user record for 'Admin'
3. Click on the "New" button in "Delegates" tab in the related links
4. Add Delegate field as user "ITIL User" and make sure Approvals is checked and save
5. Impersonate user "Admin", go to SP, there should be a widget for Approvals that displays all your approvals. This widget gives the ability to approve or reject. Click on any of the approval records, notice that the there is a widget on the top left (Approval Info) that also gives the ability to Approve/Reject.
6. Impersonate User "ITIL User", go to SP, Notice you can see all the approvals of user A and also have the ability to Approve/Reject from the list. Click on one of the records, notice the Approval Info widget on the top left does not have an option to Approve/Reject.

Expected Results: Approval Info widget should have the option to approve records for delegate users


  1. clone the "Approval Info" widget.
  2. In the server script change this line:
    data.isMine = gr.getValue("approver") == gs.getUserID();
    to this:
    data.isMine = isApprovalMine(gr);


Related Problem: PRB1246298

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