When troubleshooting in Service Portal, there may be a time when the widget will have an embedded widget.

This will often be the case with sc_cat_item where there may need to be some calculation or script-driven variables.


  1. Ensure you know which widgets you need to troubleshoot.
    • To do this look at the URL: /sp?id=sc_cat_item&sys_id=3712b100db75e6006d377b6e0f9619f5
    • In this case, you need the sys_id.
  2. Navigate to sc_cat_item.list and filter on the sys_id you just found
  3. Scroll down to the variables, there will be two things to search for: Macros and widgets
    1. Filter on type *macro
      • If it's a macro but not from the base system, it's considered customization and cannot be supported.
      • If there is no macro, then it's an actual widget.
    2. Personalize the list and add the widget column.
    3. Filter out the null values in the widget column.
    4. From here you can open the widget and work through the script logic

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Last Updated:2019-08-20 03:27:29