When troubleshooting in Service Portal, there may be a time when the widget will have an embedded widget.

This will often be the case with sc_cat_item where there may need to be some calculation or script driven variables.

This KB is designed to help you troubleshoot these widgets.


What needs to happen first is to ensure you know what widgets you are needing to troubleshoot.

To do this look at the URL: 

The Sys_ID in this case is your golden ticket. Go into the platform sc_cat_item.list then filter on sys_id: [ID HERE]

This will bring you to the cat item in question.
scrolling down to the variables there will be two things to search for.
Macro and widgets

First, filter on type *macro
If it's a macro then if it isn't out of box macro, this is considered a customization and cannot be supported.
If there is no macro, then it's an actual widget.

Next, personalize the list and add widget.
After that filter out on the null in widget. 
This will get rid of all variables that aren't widgets.

From here you can open the widget and work through the script logic

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Last Updated:2019-01-24 15:37:24