You are not able to  set dot-walked fields from Business Rule's Action tab.



1. Create a business rule on problem_task: 

- Active: True 

- Update: True 

Set Filter Conditions for when BR will run. 

- Actions: Set values to for example 'Problem'.'Current Status' or any other dot-walked field 

2. Save the Business Rule and update a problem_task record that has a parent in Problem 

3. Notice that the values in dot-walked fields did not get updated when the br executed. 








You are hitting a known issue PRB615193 - Business Rules do not change dot-walked fields, which was logged for Express Customers and has since been fixed with the introduction of a system property and a field. This was required for Express as Express users cannot write scripts. 


This property ‘glide.record.update_ref_changes’ was introduced. The functionality for which this was introduced, was to support the ability to set dot-walked fields from BR's Action tab. 


For this functionality to work, in the Business Rule the field ‘Update reference fields’ checkbox also needs to be turned on and above property needs to be set to true. 




1. Add the field ‘Update reference fields’ to the Business Rule form.

To do this:

Navigate to the relevant BR

From Configure Form layout, add the field below on the form 

'Update reference fields': check 


2. Add a new sys property in your instance 

To do this:

Navigate to the sys_properties table

Create a new record

Name: glide.record.update_ref_changes 

Type: true/false

value: true 


Setting the property to 'true' updates the reference field records when they are updated using dot walking in Business Rules. 

All BRs where "Set field values" uses dot-walked fields in left hand side and have "Update reference fields" checkbox checked-on, will work properly if this property is set to true. 


Please note for Enterprise customers, above fix is available, however it should be possible for you to achieve the same via script in the 'Advanced' tab of the BR. 

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