*Important Warning*

Due to recently discovered issues with probes to pattern migration, please do not perform any changes below that would move your discovery method from probes to patterns, at this time.

 ServiceNow is working to make this migration more stable in a future release. At which time this will be a possibility. As it stands converting from probes to patterns may cause duplicate CIs, Duplicate/Invalid/empty CI relationships, and/or dataloss.

This warning is only for customers that have already been running discovery with probes.



Migrating from probes to patterns is relevant only for customers who upgrade to Kingston or later releases and want to begin using patterns for horizontal discovery. New instances of Kingston or later do not need to migrate to patterns and can begin using horizontal discovery patterns to find new configuration items (CIs).

Patterns provide a simpler and more intuitive way to debug and troubleshoot discovery compared with legacy probes and sensors. Probe-based discovery and pattern-based discovery use different mechanisms of saving data in the CMDB. Using both discovery methods together may result in duplicate data in the CMDB. In addition, pattern-based discovery relies on relationships, while the legacy probe-based discovery uses references.

For detailed information about the difference between probe-based and pattern-based horizontal discovery, refer to the product documentation.


The procedure for switching from probes to patterns on an upgraded instance requires running a migration script on the instance. Contact ServiceNow Customer Support for assistance.

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Last Updated:2019-05-30 07:33:12