When system property glide.ui.list.optimize is set to false, lists don't display values for columns from extended tables except for the table lowest in the table hierarchy.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Add a new column to the cmdb_ci_win_server table named Test Column, type String, max length 40.
2. Go to cmdb_ci.list and configure the list layout to add these columns to the list:
Hardware Status [Hardware]
Operating System [Computer]
Test Column [Windows Server]
3. Filter the list for Name OWA-SD-01
4. Add the value "Test" to the Test Column for this record.
5. Select the value Installed for the Hardware Status [Hardware] column. (You might need to open the record in form view, add the Hardware Status field to the form and select Installed on the form and save.)
6. On the cmdb_ci list (filtered for Name OWA-SD-01), you should see the following values for each of these columns for the OWA-SD-01 record:
Hardware Status [Hardware] : Installed
Operating System [Computer] : Windows 2003 Standard
Test Column [Windows Server] : Test
7. Add a system property glide.ui.list.optimize (type: true/false) and set its value to false.
8. Refresh the cmdb_ci.list, filtered for Name OWA-SD-01.

Expected behavior: The column values should still be displayed.

Actual behavior: For the columns coming from extended tables, only the value for the lowest table in the hierarchy, in this case Windows Server [cmdb_ci_win_server], is displayed. The values for Hardware Status [Hardware] and Operating System [Computer] aren't displayed.


Re-enabling the value for the property glide.ui.list.optimize to true will show the values for the columns from all the extended tables.

Related Problem: PRB1297289

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