When viewing a Homepage, you click on the Add Content button to load additional reports/lists/etc. onto the current Homepage. However, the 'Add here' buttons at the bottom of the new window are not visible.




If you have verified that the Homepage does not have 'Write' roles configured, then it is likely there is a client-side error that is preventing any subsequent Javascript code from (which is how the 'Add here' buttons are loaded into the window and arranged to match the current layout).

For example, there could be a UI action that is configured as a 'List Context Menu' which will cause it to render any time a list for the determined table is requested (assuming the current user meets the 'Condition' criteria). If you have a List Report on the Homepage, then it is expected behavior for the UI Actions to be loaded with it. Another example could be a global UI Script causing the same issue


Use the console error to track down the source of the problem and correct the issue.


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Last Updated:2019-08-02 21:08:22