When a user drills into a chart report, the drilled list view opens in the same page even when "glide.chart.drill.open_new_win" property is set to true.

If the chart report is added to the dashboard and drilled from the dashboard, it loads in the same small frame, which is almost unreadable.



The cause of this behavior is the chart report has a 'Report Drilldown' saved on it. The property "glide.chart.drill.open_new_win" does not work with saved report drilldown. 


1. Users can remove the Report Drilldown from the chart and this will allow the drill to open in a new tab. 

When the drilled list view opens in a new tab, it will show the list elements per the user preferences or 'Default view'. 


Alternative: The ultimate goal of using Report Drilldown is to apply the same view for all users when they view the chart and drill into it for details. 

This can be achieved by using a 'Drilldown View' on your report instead of 'Report Drilldown' 

You can create a new UI view or use an existing saved view as a 'Drilldown View' and apply that on the chart report. 

Steps to apply a drilldown view:

  1. Create a new sys_ui_view record with a name and title. Save
  2. Open the list view of the table you are reporting on, for example, /
  3. Configure the list layout for the new UI view created add list elements you want to see on the drill.
  4. Edit the report in the report designer, in the style tab for your chart in the new UI, Specify the Drilldown view from step 1 (Note** In the classic UI designer this setting is on the setting icon next to report type)
  5. Delete any 'Report drilldowns' you might have
  6. Save the report.
  7. Result : Run the report and now drill into the chart, the drilled list view will now open in a new tab with the UI view list elements you have specified 


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